A little of this, A little of that.

It’s been some time since I have posted here, and thought it was about time I righted that! I’ve been experimenting with some different things in recent months, both in my free form hand embroidery and my cross stitch designing.


I have started working on a large piece that will eventually be fashioned into a blanket for my bed, measuring 54″ x 75″.  I am using up all of the scrap bits of cotton floss I have in this, working the entire thing with a hodge podge of quirky Algerian Eyelets and random seed stitch.


I am fascinated by Egyptian Tent Making, and recently started a series of designs inspired by this art. I have ten different designs in mind for this collection, and have two finished. Above is the work on the model for the first.


What started with four designs has evolved into a series with twenty-one! My recent work is based on a variety of flowers. Most are stitched with The Gentle Art Sampler and Shaker threads. I’m currently working on the model for ‘Buttercup’. To see the others, visit my website http://www.carolynmanningdesigns.com and peek under the Garden Labyrinth Collection page.


And finally, I’m working on another new collection, this one will focus on cross stitch Smalls. This is the model for the first set. I’m stitching with Sulky cotton petites, both solid colors and the blendables. I’m working over one thread on 22ct. aida. I am really having fun with these smaller pieces. There is satisfaction in the quick finishes.

This year has been a busy one, delightfully so. I just wish there was more time to really explore everything that catches my creative eye. There’s still a few months left in the year. I think I’ll get to a few things yet.


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