second canvas & some other stuff

It’s again been forever since I have made a new blog post.  July is right around the corner, and I’m going to try my best to be a little more consistent  with hopping in here and scribbling a bit; posting pictures of where my needle has been traveling and share some of what is going on in my realm of designing.

I”ve been continuing with my ‘One Year of Stitches’ project, which I am now calling my ‘One Year of Flowers’ project.  I am about two-thirds of the way through the second of four canvases, and have been pretty consistent in getting something done every day, but there have been days when I’ve had to double up to make sure that there is something representative of every day.






I am also working through the model for my new Jane’s Joy design, the autumn version of the series titled “Leaf Pile.” I hope to have the design ready for release by the end of the month or shortly into July.  After this is finished up, I”m moving on to another design in my Broken Star Collection in greens,  titled “Sea Glass” for now.


And finally, something else I have been puttering around with- color palettes bases from my own images; photos taken here and there on various walk abouts.  I have found so many unexpected color combinations with this work.


Today I am grateful for ginger cats snuggling up to me while I work. I am grateful for the opportunity to continue immersing myself in the things I love to do, and I am grateful for another day open windows and fluttering kitchen curtains.


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