A Year of Stitches

I had already decided before the start of the new year to focus on needle and thread, hoping to explore all things “stitch”; from my usual cross stitch design work to traditional embroidery, needlepoint, and any other form of handwork that I might discover along the way.  So when the A Year of Stitches Project popped up on my Facebook feed, it was, of course, an immediate ‘why yes, I think I should do this!’

The goal is to do a stitch a day and fill up a hoop with whatever you are moved to put down with needle and threads. I tend to work pretty big, so I know I will more than likely find myself with more than one hoop filled by year’s end. I have four linen napkins that I scored at the Thrift Shop some time ago, and they are my cloth for this project.

Here is Week One (plus a couple of days!)












3 thoughts on “A Year of Stitches

      1. Practice – that’s why I have planned out one week a month on Pamela’s Never Ending Band Sampler – I did one of the Stitchsmith’s classes here in Auckland (May 2014 I think) & haven’t done much since.


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