the garden labyrinth, spring

So I finally finished it, the last in the Garden Labyrinth Collection, Spring.  The piece finishes at 140w x 140h, or 10″ x 10″.  Recommended fabric, Citrus Splash Lugana, 28ct. (stitched over two threads) from Silkweaver Fabrics.  The design uses all DMC threads.

The spring labyrinth as well as the other three seasons can be found on my website as well as your local needlework shops.






I have also been continuing on with the crocheting as well. This is a smaller receiving blanket made with cotton crochet cotton, so it is very delicate and fine. It measures at 22″x 22″  I have several other blankets started as well, as I use my scraps of yarn for most of them and have been building on each as suitable colors come available, left over from other projects.



Today I am grateful for a head full of new design ideas. I am for the change in seasons, even if it is colder, and I look forward to the arrival of snow.


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