I realized this morning that I haven’t stuck up a blog post in awhile!  There is a reason for that. I’ve been busy creating!

This month saw the end of the Cross Stitched Crazy Quilt Block Collection,  with the release of the December block.  This series of designs has been so much fun to create and stitch. So much so that I’ve decided to do another monthly block collection that will be ‘crazy quilt’ themed and based on Folklore and Fairy Tales. I have a sketchbook filled with starting concepts that I am excited to get into in upcoming months.




I also released another of the Whiskerkins Trio designs, the December kitties, Holiday Trio.

These guys join the other Trios that were released through May, and I have plans to release June through November in 2017.




I have always been crocheting something. My focus for a long time had been on creating smaller embellishments and recycled art yarns, which I do still dabble with if the right yarn presents itself. However, in honor of my Grandmother who taught me how to crochet, I decided to work through all my scraps of yarn to make baby blankets. They’ll each measure 36″ x 36″, more of a receiving blanket size than crib size for now.

Here is the first of those blankets, done in a combination of soft cottons and acrylics.


Over Thanksgiving weekend I started a few more. My process is to build on each with appropriate colors as I pull them from the basket. I just love granny squares, always have, and making these is so relaxing and satisfying for me.  Because I am making them with scraps, they seem to build fast, and it is a good way to use up those bits of yarn that are too small for bigger projects.


I also hope to dive into some crazy quilting and embroidery projects as well in upcoming months.  I have baskets and drawers full of lace and silk and satins, unique threads and bins full of fabric scraps.  I won’t even get just how many jars I have of buttons and beads and other fun embellishments. There is just so much nostalgia in crazy quilting and hand embroidery, and it is something I really want to delve further into.

Today I am grateful for the opportunity to create. I am grateful for those that have supported this venture and the drive they give me to continue to create designs they love to stitch.

For my cross stitch patterns, visit  Always something new popping up there!  The blankets and a few other crocheted tidbits can be found in my Etsy Shop,


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