We don’t have any of the white stuff up here yet, in fact the temperatures have been far too-unautumn-ish.  Emphasis on the ‘ish’.  I love the cooler weather up here in Minnesota, and yes, I welcome the really-holyhell-cold along with that four-letter word, snow.

I finished up the first of four designs that will join the Jane’s Joy Collection,  which was the first design inspired by the 1863 quilt by Jane Stickle.  This first new installment is titled Snow,  complete with a flag border and 36 snowy  and iced blocks that measure 1 1/2″ x 1 1/2″ each. The entire piece measures just under 12″ x 12″ square.


The design uses DMC cotton flosses and Kreinik #4 braids for some snowy twinkle. I stitched my model over two threads on Wichelts 28ct. hand dyed jobelan in cornflower.


Now I’m moving on to the last block, December, in the Crazy Quilting Cross Stitch Blocks series, with another year long series in the works inspired by crazy quilting, pulling in some of my fascination with folklore and fairy tales.



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