meditating over crop circles

I found a bit of time this morning to work another small meditative piece using scraps of variegated cotton thread and a bit of stormy grey hand dyed jobelan. After watching an episode of Ancient Aliens that focused on the formation of crop circles, I found myself on Pinterest looking at images, and reading a few articles about their validity.  Interesting stuff, as I am  a believer in there being something ‘out there’– something or someone that we may or may never really be made fully aware.


I have always been tugged in the direction of mythology and folklore and every now and then it finds way into my art, but lately, I have been feeling that pull even more, and I think there will be more work, both in my free form stitching and my pattern designing, that will emulate symbolism and concepts from a variety of pantheons.


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Today I am grateful for the sound of leaves blowing around outside. I am grateful for the return of better sight, and I am grateful for a few days to decompress and find my center again so I can come back to my art with a new eye. (No pun intended!)



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