post eye surgery

Earlier this week I had cataract surgery to remove one big, bad and very dense cataract that had been messing with my vision even more than I realized. While I have a few restrictions for the next week,  stitching isn’t one of them. And so, I have decided it was time to get back into the habit of spending time each day with some meditative stitching.


I have worked these pieces before. They tend to be smaller so that I can use bits of cloth and thread that I have left over from other projects, or bits that I have reclaimed from flea markets, thrift stores and auctions.  Most will become little pin-cushiony pillows, small bags, and  bits of art.

My inspiration for these comes from a long-running fascination with crop circles and mandalas.


As I finish these, I plan on putting them into a revamped Etsy Shop, as I try to breathe some new life into it with some different one of a kind pieces. It’s not really about sales, but a few would be nice!  The trick is finding something that hasn’t already been done to death. Hopefully I’m on to something with these.


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