art yarn


In between my free form embroidery and my cross stitch designing and model stitching, I crochet.  As with a lot of my embroidery and stitching, I like to reclaim things and make them into something new, which is what I do with my ‘art yarns’.

I am a collector of threads. Projects are finished and I find myself with pieces of fiber that I cannot use in another project.  I cannot walk past a bin of embroidery kits at the thrift store without rescuing the threads from that kit and giving them a new home within the different skeins. of new-fangled yarn I create.


Sometimes I work a little shimmer in with glass beads or buttons and metallic threads.  The knotting together of the lengths of threads gives the yarn unique texture and a real one of a kind feel.







Each skein is one of a kind. The colors from hank to hank might be very similar, but the tying, adding of buttons and different lengths of individual threads make for very unique yarn.

I also work with crochet cotton balls to make some lacier trims like the daisy chain below.



As we head into colder months, I hope to come up with some new colorways and different ways to embellish some of these skeins with buttons and beads.

Art yarns are available to order on my website and are made to order.



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