finally. a post.

It’s been a crazy couple of months. Crazy without a whole lot of new finished stuff to show for it, in part because I was doing crazy amounts of printing of the older stuff and working through magazine submission deadlines, and then WHAMMO. I find myself feeling not only under the weather but under the truck that I swore backed over me a time or ten before it was done.


But I finally finished up my newest Snowballz design, Snowy Selfies. 

Our snowy pals are snapping selfies, each measures around 3″x3″, a little more when our friend is hanging out of his frame. Recommended fabric, 28ct. Lugana, Angel Song (Expressions) from Silkweaver. DMC floss and Kreinik #4 braids recommended threads. Stitch these snapshots all together or individually.

Available now on the website and coming soon to your needlework shops.






I am also participating in an art challenge, the goal to complete some bit of art each day for the month of August.  I’ll be posting some of those images here soon. For now, I’m off to start the September Crazy Quilt Block and finish up a few more charts.

Hopefully I’ve got a bit of my creative groove back!


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