more crazy stuff

This morning I finished the model for the July installment of the Crazy Quilting Cross Stitch Block Collection.  Like the others, this finishes at 78w x 78h and uses threads from The Gentle Art and a wee bit of sparkle provided by #4 braids from Kreinik.



The pattern for this block as well as the others is available on my website now, and will be coming to local needlework shops very soon.




I have also started playing with jewelry ideas again, hoping to come up with some unique small pieces to fill my Etsy Shop with.  As much as I would love to do bigger pieces, I just do not have the hours to divide between the cross stitch design and model stitching and any large free form pieces. Yet, I really crave working through some  things outside of the box, too. So, I am hoping this will sate that and help me keep both sides of my Art Brain happy.




Today I am grateful for being on schedule with the stitching and the designing. I am grateful for the want to dig into some of my writing again, and I am grateful for the support of my mum as I continue to putter through this thing called art career.


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