a little crazier

The holiday this last Monday has had me all mixed up most of the week. Not to mention playing catch up after a weekend spent with visiting family– which was fabulous– but three days without project in hand makes for some very late night stitching after the fact.


The design I am currently working on and stitching through the model is “A Little Crazy”, another ambitious design that features 25 2″ x 2″ crazy quilt inspired blocks. I’ve got eight (and a half!) blocks left to go, and hope to have the pattern ready to go out early next week.


My cross stitched crazy quilting blocks have been, well, crazy popular, and I’m hoping that this miniature version will be just as well received. I am digging how many different ways stitchers can use this pattern. All together, breaking it apart into smaller pieces. It could even be used as biscornu patterns. Gift tags, sachets. Just a few ideas.


This was originally started with threads and fabric that had a real vintage feel to it, washed out and old. I am so happy I changed it up. I think, if I had left it alone and kept stitching as it was first designed, I might have found myself truly disliking it before it was done. I really don’t like to put any design out there that I’ve not thoroughly enjoyed stitching myself.

Today also found me plotting out model stitching and designing schedules. I’ve been trying to stay to task and keep putting at least four new designs out a month. Only problem is, I find myself with one design that takes me a bit longer to stitch through, so the fourth design always seems to drag into the next month. By scheduling things, I hope to accomplish more with the setting of deadlines. (without taking away from the joy of stitching! I don’t want any of this to become rote or mechanical.)

Today I am grateful for new design ideas. I’m grateful for cinnamon hazelnut coffee creamer, and I am grateful for a full weekend ahead to spend creatively.




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