crazy cross stitching

Today I’m working through the model for the newest design coming to my Crazy Quilting cross stitch block collection,  A Little Crazy.  Each of the 25 blocks measure 2″ x 2″ and feature a wide variety of fabric inspired  snipets in a whole bunch of color and other applique inspired flowers, butterflies, and leaves strewn throughout.


I had hit the button for a reset on the model, as the first go-round with it just wasn’t reading right. The fabric color was far too dark, and the threads were coming off as too washed out. I didn’t want this piece to be all in-your-face bold color like some of my other cross stitched adaptations of quilts might be. Rather, I wanted it to feel like a well used and loved crazy bit of quilting that had faded with the years. But the first start of this was too gloomy, so I found myself starting over.


I hope to have the model for this design finished up by week’s end, making it the ‘wrap up’ piece for the month of May. The restart has me a little behind on things, but  this is one of those pieces that I find myself up stitching late because I just want to work one more block or one more patch of the next block.

This piece already has me thinking ahead to the next, which is fabulous, as I am best motivated by a  long ‘to do’ design list. Not so much that I want to knock out design after design, (although I do like it when I get at least four new designs out a month) but I love the feeling I get when I know that one design has pushed me toward the creation of something else. That creative tide just keeps rolling and I feel at my best when I am left to keep swimming through it without pause or gap.

Enjoying the process of working through one, and having the next Q-Snapped up and ready to go so that my hands are never absent of cloth or thread.


Today I am grateful for a functioning central air system. I am grateful for the desire to pick up a book and start reading with any regularity again. I miss my books, and I need to make time for them, even if only for a handful of minutes each day.  I am grateful for those that support my designing, both the new followers and those that have been with me since the start.


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