knots and flowers

Stitching on a scrap piece of rustic piece of evenweave using lace weight wool that I snow-dyed this last winter. Piling up of flowers and knots and leaves, random marks that are put down as the moment moves me.


There may or may not be room for some beading in this, too. Right now, I am on the fence where embellishment is concerned. I’m kind of digging the texture as it is now. This wool took the snow dye in such a wonderful way. It’s like stitching with two dozen different colors all at once.



Thus far the piece is looking to finish at approximately 12″ x 12″, unless it tells me that it wants more, which a lot of times is the case where my free from pieces are concerned. I find myself thinking I’ve completed something, and then the whispers start, soft pokes to add a little more here or there.

I am thinking about how to finish this. I don’t really want to do a pillow, as that would be expected. Maybe stretching as a canvas for a wall hanging. More on that later. Hopefully it will tell me what it wants to be when it’s all ‘grown up’.


Today I am grateful for the morning rain that stirred me from sleep. I am grateful for my cats, Thor and Loki, who would have stirred me from sleep if the rain had not. I am grateful for all the new ideas I’ve found myself all of a sudden. Perfect timing as my ‘line up’ of projects was nearing an end.

Now off to coffee-ing and piles of string and a lap full of cloth and helpful ginger cats. Perfect Monday morning.


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