jane’s joy

Yesterday, after what was probably close to one-hundred hours of all-engrossing work, I finished the model for my new design,  Jane’s Joy, my cross stitch adaptation of Jane A. Stickel’s 1863 quilt.  There are 169 different 3/4″ blocks to stitch and 100 bunting flags edging it, half patterned and half in solid colors to pull it all together.


The finished piece measures 13.25″ x 13.25″ on 14ct. fabric. (187w x 187h).  I used DMC floss and am recommending Wichelt’s hand dyed jobelan aida in Cornflower Blue, 14ct.



This was as much fun to stitch as it was to design, and I’m already thinking about other spin offs with miniature motifs. I like the idea that patterns like this can be broken up into smaller work, too. Borders, pin cushions, pieces for dollhouses, the possibilities are endless.



I have so many new designs ready for stitching that I’m feeling a little overwhelmed!. It’s a good thing that this is what I do now, without distraction.  Currently in the rotation? The April Whiskerkins Trio, The May Crazy Quilt Block, a new Flakey Friends piece, another snowman surprise, and the start of the autumn garden labyrinth.

With all of the cross stitch designing I have going on, I am finding it hard to chisel out time to indulge in my free form embroidery pieces. It’s important that I do find some time though,  as often that work bleeds into my more traditional designing. Working on both sides keeps it fresh for me, and that is probably the most important thing of all. I never want to feel like what I’m doing is simply routine.  I want to push myself and explore, and then find ways to help other stitchers push their own boundaries as well.

Today I am grateful for inspiration in whatever form it might take. I am grateful for the fear that keeps me grounded and working hard at what I love, and I am grateful for the support of my fellow artists.


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