snow dye adventures

I’ve been spending a lot of time with wool and cotton, snow and dye, and  here are my most recent results.  I plan on offering these pretties in 5-10 yard skeins on my website for fiber artists.


The purple skeins are a lace weight wool and silk blend. They picked up a wide range of purples from deeper grape hues to a whisper of lavender. There are hints of blue here, too, and some crimson flecking.



I also snow dyed a whole bunch of six strand cotton embroidery floss, starting with the white cotton base and putting it through the same snow melt process as the wool. The end result, the cotton picked up more of the reds (or maybe it was how the snow melted!), each skein is a little different. They are all yummy berry-licious.  I have a ball of perle cotton that will be hitting the bath this week. I need to knock out some sunny colors and greens.


Another batch of wool and silk blend snow dyed with turquoise, perwinkle and tangerine and these two hanks picked up a lot of the color with one being more saturated than the other.  I’m quite happy with the results.



Today I was grateful for the time to get my creative groove on, time to work through a few stitches on a magazine model, and a good week ahead to get a lot of things done.

Here’s to the end of a rather hectic and unpredictable January with hope that February will be freakin’ fabulous!



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