snow dye

I finally got around to doing a bit of snow dyeing.  I worked for the first time with fiber, using a 180 yard skein of merino and silk blend lace weight yarn, and I have to say I am ubber-thrilled with the way it came out. You just never know with snow dye what your results will be. That whole chaos theory thing with the snow melting differently every time.  The fabric I worked with in this batch was a variety of silk scraps with different snow packs. The more color intense pieces were left to dye with snow that was fluffier. The pieces that have a more tie-dyed appearance were dyed with the crusty tops of snow that were more solid ice than actual snow, so the melt rate was slower and less consistent.

All in all I am very happy with the results, and will be doing more of the lace weight for needlework projects and kits.

On the designing side of things, I am waiting on fabric from Wichelt so I can get started on a model for Just Cross Stitch Magazine,  while working the February Whiskerkins Trio and March Crazy Quilt Block into the rotation as well.

The Garden Labyrinth, Autumn, is ready for model stitching as well, but that one will have to wait until I finish the projects for the magazine.

I am also working on the cross stitch interpretation of the Dear Jane Quilt, which is truly going to be a labor of love, both designing and stitching the model, but I am really looking forward to getting started with the stitching on this one.

Happy to say I’m showing up to work, digging in and creating.  Still find myself distracted by things around the house when I go for another cup of coffee, but am getting better about ignoring some things until the end of the day.

Today I am grateful for my mom’s speedy recovery from her bilateral knee replacement, I am grateful for temperatures back above zero, however slight, and I am grateful for new opportunities to get my work out there to a wider audience.




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