February Crazy Quilt Block


Crazy start to the new year, and here’s a little more crazy for you!

Introducing the February block of my Crazy Quilting monthly blocks! Finished stitch count of 78w x 78h. Bead and varying button embellishments included. The Gentle Art Shaker Threads recommended, and I stitched my model on white chocolate aida from Wichelt Imports. Available on my website now and coming soon to your local needlework shops!

I am trying to keep my head above water here, hard to do when that water is frozen and I have to keep working to break through with an ice pick.  A ton of printing to do with a printer that has decided it just doesn’t want to give me more than a copy without jamming, which  just won’t do when I have about 200 copies to print.

Deadlines looming, and now my time has been tipped upside down and shaken because of family issues and some unexpected problems with my part-time job.  Need to take a deep breath and just keep knocking one thing off the list at a time. It’s not the first time I’ve been buried. Won’t be the last, I’m sure.



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