So in between blowing my printer up with pattern orders and dealing with the snow that we finally got, (yes, I love me some snow) I have been playing with dye, Kool Aid and cotton to be precise, and whipping up some art yarn for a customer.

An artsy friend of mine pointed me in the direction of dyeing with Kool Aid, only in ice cube form, and so I tried the process out with white six-strand cotton embroidery floss. I used a full try of very berry Kool Aid icecubes (just the powder, dissolved with hot water then frozen) left to melt over four skeins of vinegar soaked floss. I am pretty happy with the first results.  I think if I tried this with fine wool thread, the results would be brighter, far more saturated.  So that will be my next experiment.


I love crocheting, and creating art yarns out of scrap embroidery floss is one of my favorite things to do. I offer several colorways on my website, and create each separately using my own scraps of cotton and the left over lengths from abandoned needlework kits I find at thrift stores and flea markets. It feels good to give new life to things forgotten, or things that would otherwise be tossed aside as useless.


This is a skein of the Carnival art yarn that I created last night for a customer order.  I tie lengths of floss together giving the skein a whole lot of texture with the knotting, and then crochet the whole bit. This particular skein is a generous 40 yards.


Today is a snow day!  So I intend to use it wisely. Lots of play, stitching, crochet and doodling. I just hope the coffee holds out.

Today I am grateful for a day with my daughter, cheesy movies and good food leftover from the holiday. I am grateful for a day to just do whatever moves me, no deadlines, no need to run out for anything.  And I am grateful for the roof over my head and the safety it gives me.


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