the garden labyrinth, summer edition

I finished the model for the first in The Garden Labyrinth series, Summer.  It finishes at 10″ x 10″ on 14ct. fabric.  I am just thrilled with the way it finished, and am excited to get designing the next of the collection. The pattern is available on my website and coming soon to local needlework shops.
Carolyn Manning Designs

This afternoon I will be starting on the January installment of the Whiskerkins Trio.  Would have started  yesterday, but I was still changing up colors and editing.  Waiting after that? The February Crazy Quilt Block.

January just around the corner and I’m trying very hard to get everything together so I can step into 2016 with a full stride instead of a stuttered, wobbly step.

Today I am grateful for my cats, Thor & Loki, especially after learning of what they endured before they came to me.  I am grateful for two independent, smart and beautiful grown children, and I am grateful for the simplicity of my life.




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