labyrinth rounds

I have been working on my stitching of the model for Garden Labyrinth, the summer installment in the series.  While I find myself almost finished with the design as it stands, I am finding so much joy in working this piece that just might have to expand the piece from its current 10″ square finish to something closer to 12″.  Either way, I hope to have it finished and the pattern available for stitchers by the weekend.


As 2015 starts to wind down, I have been thinking ahead to the new year and what I hope to accomplish. It’s a pivotal year for me, really, as I am going to take the leap into art as career. It already has been for the most part, but I’ve always had this safety net which often is more distraction than anything else. Hours at another job that I tend to fall back on because I know I can. I need to hit the studio and do my thing. No excuses. None of this, ‘well, I worked for five hours out there,  so I don’t have the energy to work on stuff here.

With this in mind, I’ve set up a website to sell my finished textile and fiber art, pairing it with my retail designing site. I’m closing my Etsy shop and have moved all of my embellishment items to the website as well.

I am going to seek out more opportunities for collaboration with other artists and will be looking for different threads, fabrics and embellishments to use in my designing and artwork.

I’ll be setting goals and making my own deadlines and working to really turn out designs and needle art that will satisfy both sides of my need to create;  designing for others creative enjoyment and the personal art that is unique to me.



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