I have been working the rounds of the first garden labyrinth this week, and while I had been hoping to put a finish on this model by the end of the week,  I am thinking it’s going to be more of a ‘maybe on the fifth of December’ kind of thing.  I have been working diligently on this piece along with a lot of other handwork, and my head has been reminding me lately just how important it is to take more breaks, those reminders coming in the form of headaches.  I hate headaches. Okay, I can’t imagine that anyone likes them, but I hate that they put me behind. Viscous circle kind of thing. I get behind, then I have to stitch even more the next day, then I have another headache.  Yes. Breaks. Must take them.


I’ve also been working through another section of my slow stitching Dream Blanket. This angel is part of my meditation. There is still a a lot of stitching to do with this part of the blanket.


Today I am grateful for continued creative spirit. I am grateful for the long heart to heart I had with my daughter, and I am grateful that both of my babies are coming home tomorrow.


One thought on “labyrinth

  1. Looks like the cross stitch piece is going to be amazing. Remember, it will get finished at some point, and then the little delay won’t matter at all. Take care!


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