dream blanket

It started, oh, about two years ago, I suppose.  I wanted to create a blanket, one infused with memory and dream that I could wrap up in when reading or meditating,  or sitting out on the deck with my coffee when autumn had come to touch the air.

So I started patching together bits of cloth– pieces from clothing of loved ones, stitched together with slow running stitches, symbols and dates and fragments of dream that I somehow managed to pull with me to wake.  Words, quotes. aa

I have wanted to seriously dig into this project, to immerse myself in it, but I always allow something to get in the way, but it is too important to tuck away anymore.  So, my daily meditative stitching will now be on this piece.



Today I am grateful for thunderstorms and a rainy day that I can indulge in a lap full of stitching.  I am grateful for the marriage of peace and excitement I have been feeling lately, and I am grateful for the Pope’s visit and the message he brought with him, hoping that it will help to heal so many rips and divides we find ourselves with.


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