daily play

I have been trying to do something creative with fabric and/or fiber daily since the start of 2015.  I’ve managed to hit 140 of 263 days. The other days, I’ve been working on cross stitch designs or photographing my walk abouts, and I suppose I could count those things in this, but I really wanted these “daily pieces” to be out of my ordinary creative work.

Today I pulled out my little flower loom and played with cotton fabric strips to make a set of shabby chic blooms.  These are fun to do, but centering them with buttons can be difficult as they get very thick in the middle and the tips of my fingers take a beating when pushing the needle through to secure them.


Yesterday I pulled out the “Blue Basket” of scraps and played around with line. I got to thinking about the old neighborhood, and the alley that cut between my aunt and grandmother’s house, and this where I wound up!


Today I am grateful for another day. I am grateful for the love of my children.  And I am grateful for having all that I have been given.


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