Yesterday I carved a bit of time for a walk in the woods. After finding my favored Rasmussen Woods  still closed due to flooding, I went instead to another spot that I also enjoy wandering around, Williams Nature Center. While most of the pathways are paved, the rest of the preserve is left growing naturally, and there are always little ribbons of trail off of the regular loop that are worth stepping on.m

Before I stepped off on to one of those dirt paths, I looked down to the pavement, and saw a tree. The leaves and the little knot in its “trunk” and nut in the branches were there, just as I captured them.


I love fungus. Such texture and interesting colors.  I’m always fascinated with the whole circle of life thing, how those things returning to the earth become home for those things the Mother nurtures.


And as always, I’m drawn to those beautiful almost dead things. Coneflowers are so pretty in whatever stage of life they find themselves in.



Today I am grateful for the Farmer’s Market and the bounty of fresh yummies I brought home.  I am grateful for the artist community I have found on social media, and I am grateful for what I think is going to be a full weekend of crazy creating and cartoons.  Oh, and for the boston creme turnover I scored at the market this morning, too. Oh so grateful for that.


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