The other night I found myself with a lap full of denim scraps and just enough coffee left in the pot to play around with some mark making.  The piece isn’t very large, measuring about 6″ wide and 12″ tall.  I might do a few more “patches” and work them together. into a larger map of sorts.



I have also been plugging away on Tree Hugger, and have completed another two blocks since this image was taken. It’s great fun!


And finally, yesterday, as I was digging through some older fabric that I had thought to part with, deciding instead to get the drop spindle out and create a bit of fabric art yarn.


I always love the results of this, a bit knotty, coarse skein of “yarn” that is perfect for rug-making, weaving, fabric bowl making.

1 3

Today I am grateful for a fanned creative spark. I am grateful for the cooler touch of autumn, and I am grateful for the scents that fill my house this morning– drying herbs hanging in the kitchen window, a crock pot filled with stuffed green peppers,  and the scent of handmade incense cones burning  in my creative space.

Now I’m off to the woods, camera in hand and bag for gathering goodies.


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