fresh month

In the last days of August, I made the decision to make September a month of creating and exploring and refocusing, a jump start to finishing out the year strong.  I did what I usually do at the start of 2015, coming out of the gate with enthusiasm and drive and all of these amazing ideas that I just had to see come to fruition, and while I was successful in reaching some of my goals, I stalled.

Granted, I had some unexpected things come about that were quite adept at stealing a few hours of my day, but even that seems excuse to me. I still should have found time to do what makes my heart sing– to carve out even a handful of minutes to scribble or stitch. Instead, I mulled over it. Thought, ‘tomorrow, yes, tomorrow I will start that because it’s something worth starting–‘

…and then tomorrow came and I was still distracted. And, sadly, over things that I really had no control over in that moment anyhow, so my time was wasted.


Today I took the first step back to embracing all of those ideas that have been waiting so patiently for my return.  My Tuesday Twinchie for September 1st.  A 2×2″ canvas,  26 stitches by 26 stitches on hand dyed aida.

Now I have a hot date with a pad of graph paper, and then some studio time just playing with whatever piece of cloth or spool of string or broken crayon that might draw my attention first.


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