tree hugger

This last week I’ve started the model for the newest design in my cross stitch quilt block collection,  Tree Hugger.  This design features 16  3×3″ blocks, and is densely stitched using only full stitches.  a

I have a few more designs for this collection.  They’re a nice change-up from my usual whimsical designing, and give me some balance as an artist.  I have been trying to find a way to combine some of what I am doing with my daily meditative stitching  with my cross stitch designing, and am finding myself with a sketchbook filling up pretty fast with ideas that I hope to explore further through the winter months when I am hopefully (believe it or not) snowbound.


When cleaning out the studio, I came across a box of WIP’s…including this blue tree that, at the time, was without leaves. I’ve picked it back up and started making marks. It’s stitched on a linen napkin that I found at a thrift store.

I’m finding myself with so many things I want to do that it’s become overwhelming in some ways, and it’s kind of left me weighted down and spinning my wheels, not knowing which way to go.  New month starting, new season. I think maybe I need to grab hold of that and find my focus. Set some new goals, make some lists– and more importantly, use them.


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