cheesecloth and the weaving needle

Some time ago, I had done something similar to this, and had so much fun with it that I thought it was time to pick up another.  Simple cheesecloth and white cotton crochet thread.  Holes poked and stitched around as I work my way through three yards of the stuff. a

I had originally envisioned a scarf, but as I continue to manipulate the weave of the cheesecloth and fold bits of it over another length of it, I’m seeing something more sculptural.  So we’ll see where it goes.


It’s a very meditative process. The shape just builds upon itself organically, and each inch of it that I complete is both different and similar to the inch before it, and I’m utterly in love with the space that is created, the strength and fragility at the same time. Very spider-webby.


Today I am grateful for movies that as my daughter puts it, ‘get you in the feels’. I am grateful for the spike in pattern orders after a slow month prior, and I am grateful for the return of my want to get organized.


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