the well worn path

Every now and again, I do find myself on the path that is well-traveled rather than the one that I make myself.  It really all depends on what shoes I’m wearing, to be honest. Stepping out on to these trails is something I find myself doing on a whim.  It’s usually one of those ‘I need to hug a tree and I need to do it now’ kind of whims. No time to wander off the pathway. No time to pull the cockle burrs off my knickers.

I just need a hug.20140914_32






Today I find myself grateful for an air conditioner that has defied the odds and lived to see another summer.  I’m grateful for hardcover books with yellowed pages and broken spines just waiting for me to read them one more time, and I am grateful for spicy tuna in my Kraft macaroni and cheese. Just because it is good.


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