I have always been one who finds the things that are soon to return to the Earth the most beautiful. That’s not to say I don’t find beauty in those things that are still vibrant and blooming, but I’ve always been fascinated with where things go once they’ve lived, and how they get there–petals withering because they’ve soaked all the sun they could. Conversations with bee and bird and assorted other things that may have paused to talk.


There is a calm I find when I come across those things that are finding their last sunny days.  They are bowing out gracefully. Still beautiful.


There are times when I need the chaos of color. The vibrancy of life, and yet, so often when I am out on my walks, my eye is drawn instead to the things that exist quietly, peacefully, amidst the frenzy.




There is fragility, and yet tenacity. It intrigues me.




Today I am grateful for my freedom. I am grateful that I can find peace in solitude. I am grateful for quiet, the time to think, create and just be.


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