the beauty in death

When  out photographing, I am always on the look out for textures and strange bits of things in nature that I can use as inspiration in my creative process.

I am especially drawn to things that are holding on to their last days in this life before they will join with the earth to help the next flourish.

We live in such a toss away world. We miss so much when we forget to pause and look deeper.  We leave ragged damaging footprints upon the earth.  There are so many things that we stop appreciating because they’ve lost that new shine,  always so quick to move on to the next big and better thing, and then find ourselves running to catch up because the very next new and shiny is there to tempt us but moments after we obtained the last.


Live slow.  Be fascinated. Be awed by the beauty that can be found in the first shoots of green in spring,  by flowers in full bloom and by the greying of petals, the dropping of leaves– and everything in between.


Notice things you might have walked on upon without glancing twice.  Even those things that may seem used up. There’s probably still a little life left in all of it.

If you just slow down to look.






Today I am grateful for the loving banter between two amazing young adults. I am grateful for finding light in times when I’m wondering what in the hell people are thinking, and I am grateful for homemade spaghetti sauce.


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