midway through a month on the reef

I have been working daily on this composition, a hodge podge of layered sheers and cottons with lots of marks along the way. I love watching it evolve.  Each day it becomes something different. 615b

I use a lot of scraps, both fabric, sheers and threads. Have always looked for ways to use up all those little bits that I collect from discarded needlework kits, old scarves and clothing.  Just can’t bear to see any of it tossed away when there is still so much potential. Just look at the color popping!


The free form pieces give me opportunity  to be chaotic. While the process is very meditative, it is also freeing in that I just–


I don’t think.  I don’t strive for perfection or anything uniform. Each mark is unique. There is never a plan.  I pick it up, look at it, and poke a loaded needle through, and just let the composition speak to me.


I started calling this The Reef, but sometimes it looks more like an island to me. Or a really overgrown and wild garden.  We’ll see if the name changes before the end.


Today I am grateful for chai latte. Strong chai latte.  I am grateful for the rain even when I crave the sun, and I am grateful for a crockpot pull of homemade vegetable beef soup because how can you -not- be grateful for that?


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