saturday marks & model stitching

Today marked the 100th daily stitching meditation for me for 2015. I started this daily journey on February 1st, and having just done the math, I’ve only missed 19 days since I started. I’m happy with those numbers!530a


I also put in some work on the model for Garden Trellis.  This design uses Valdani overdyed three strand cotton. Just love these threads and they are working very nicely for this particular design.


Today I am grateful for the continued support of the stitchers who enjoy my designs. I am grateful for the freedom to make my art, and I am grateful for the new followers I find myself with after some of my work was passed around.

And finally, to my guardian angel….I found this on my Tumblr feed today. Made me think of you, always…

I  found you,
not at the end of my storybook,
but in an odd part in the middle.
It’s dog-eared
and the corners are worn
from me reading it over
and over again.
And although
you didn’t turn out
to be my happy ending,
you’ll always be my favorite chapter.

— soimvictoria


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