sunday stitching

I have been working through the last marks and fabric manipulation on this piece, and am almost to a place where I think it will be telling me that it is finished.


Layers of sheer tacked down with wild x’s.  A whole bunch put down, another layer of green and then more marks on top of that.  I am in love with it.


I wanted to give the petals an organic texture and dimension, and so I stitched a series of circles to each, working in the occasional x or random odd little mark.


The layering of green sheer and crazy x’s was carried from the bottom of the piece up into a few spaces between petals at the top.  There is an area on the right of the piece that still needs some attention, but after I see to that, I do believe I will be finished, but will most likely set the work aside for a few days to let it settle and see if anything else needs a few more bits of this that or the other.


There was a time when I  tried very hard to journal every day with particular attention given to gratitude.  There is always something to be grateful for, and it was important for me to think about that every day, especially when things seemed especially tough. The process had me looking at things very differently, and I found a new appreciation for things that I might have overlooked before.

Simple things. Real things. Sometimes things that are not even necessarily possessions.  I need to get back to that, and so I’m going to start jotting my daily thoughts on gratitude here.

Today I am grateful that I was able to be honest about my feelings, and with that, being allowed to keep certain toxic things out of my life. It is alright to say no.

Today I am grateful for the family campfire.

Today I am grateful for color and having vision to see it.


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