Late last week I started working on another composition using the smaller bits I created during my February Daily Challenge. The base fabric is 14 count snow dyed aida cloth. I pieced together four of the 4″x4″ squares and pinned them down, and that is where the real fun begins.


As part of my daily stitching meditation, I add new sheers, remove others that are out of place and begin the process of blending and making marks.  Every time I look at it I see something new to focus on.  It’s such a wonderful process, and I often find myself wishing that a piece will hold back on telling me that it’s finished.


I am so in love with how the green sheer is melting into the quiet orange. Whenever I am able to capture the feel of watercolor, it leaves me quite giddy!


I’m not sure yet if I’ll be leaving the beads where they are. Maybe once I get the edges blended a bit more,  I will make a decision. Might just carry them over into the other sections of composition rather than remove them.  I’m always trying to leave the four pieces as they were originally, although sometimes there will be a bit that is just not quite where it should be, so I try to stay open to scootching a bit over here and taking a bit off of there.


The edges of the petals are actually  as they were on a colorful sheer chiffon scarf that I repurposed for this piece, all ruffly and different. I am loving the effect!


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