When I don’t find myself with a lap full of stitching, I can often be found with crochet hook and fiber creating little bits of this and that. I had created a few blooms as embellishments for a few cross stitched designs, and thus the “tidbits” were born. I have  created my own patterns for these and then just tweaked them as I go, so while they are very similar, they are often very different, too.

11143549_947437088629158_8392769020898226703_n (1)

I have always been horrible about counting when I crochet, and that’s probably the reason why my hats and scarves and various other wearable art were so wonky and crooked. These flowers and other little embellishments are often happy little mistakes and I love how free they sometimes feel. Organic. I crochet very loosely and that also lends itself to the natural and quirky fun feel of these.


Experimenting with different fibers and threads is half the fun in these. Six strand floss, pearle cottons, cotton yarn and cotton crochet threads, and I especially like to use abandoned cottons and wools from unfinished needlework kits that I rescue from various thrift shops and flea markets.  I have a huge collection of buttons and these flowers are the perfect way to use some of those as centers, the bigger, bolder and goofier sometimes the better.


In addition to the crocheted tidbits, I have a small flower loom that I have been experimenting with.




All of these tidbits and more available for custom orders at Carolyn Manning Designs.


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