Choir Practice

It was time to return to the Snowballz.  After so many years of designing these guys, sometimes I run into a wall, and I cannot come up with anything fresh and fun that isn’t just another variation of something I have done before.  That’s when I step away and dig into something else for awhile, always knowing that I will return to my quirky pals.

After creating a few snowy sorts for magazine submissions, I found myself with renewed creativity with this collection. New threads, new fabrics and some different stitching techniques have helped in putting together the next chapter.  Seriously, dude, I’ve been doing the Snowballz since 2005. I am tickled that they’re still so well received, and I can’t help but shake my head in wonder when I get an order for one of those Snowballz from a decade ago.


For this pattern and all of the other Snowballz, Flakey Friends, Lil Flakes and Snobugz,

visit Carolyn Manning Designs




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