Walk Abouts

I draw a great deal of my inspiration from nature.

Doesn’t even have to be all green and lush. There is as much beauty in those things returning to the earth as there is those things left sprouting from it.

These are images from places I connect with, Prairie restorations, forest paths, rocky cliffs. The more out of the way, the better.  Some may find the places I wander to be simple.  Well, they are.

And that is beautiful.

Speed Star 1.1443390  00

Speed Star 1.1488360  00

336530_10150392985566756_716481755_10151170_510526586_o 100_5735 100_5757 100_5758 100_5759 100_5772 100_5678 100_6149 8 9 16 100_7607 100_7611 20140905_26 20140905_34 c h 20140906_14 20140906_4 20140906_22 8 20140912_6 20140912_13 1e 1a 1c   1g 20140914_12 20140919_64 20140919_98 h o 261 263 268 20140926_20


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