second canvas & some other stuff

It’s again been forever since I have made a new blog post.  July is right around the corner, and I’m going to try my best to be a little more consistent  with hopping in here and scribbling a bit; posting pictures of where my needle has been traveling and share some of what is going on in my realm of designing.

I”ve been continuing with my ‘One Year of Stitches’ project, which I am now calling my ‘One Year of Flowers’ project.  I am about two-thirds of the way through the second of four canvases, and have been pretty consistent in getting something done every day, but there have been days when I’ve had to double up to make sure that there is something representative of every day.






I am also working through the model for my new Jane’s Joy design, the autumn version of the series titled “Leaf Pile.” I hope to have the design ready for release by the end of the month or shortly into July.  After this is finished up, I”m moving on to another design in my Broken Star Collection in greens,  titled “Sea Glass” for now.


And finally, something else I have been puttering around with- color palettes bases from my own images; photos taken here and there on various walk abouts.  I have found so many unexpected color combinations with this work.


Today I am grateful for ginger cats snuggling up to me while I work. I am grateful for the opportunity to continue immersing myself in the things I love to do, and I am grateful for another day open windows and fluttering kitchen curtains.

fields of flowers

Mid-April I finished the first of four canvases for my ‘1 Year of Stitches’ Project.  The cloth I am using is repurposed table napkin that I picked up some years ago at one of our thrift shops.  Once all four are completed, I plan on making them into pillows. I *think* I am, anyhow. I have been known to change my mind a time or ten in the past.

Canvas #1, January 1-April 15, 2017







And here is the beginnings of the second canvas.  The work has become as much obsession as it is relaxing, and I look forward to sitting down at the start of each day to put down a flower in the field.










long overdue post

Wow, I knew I’d been gone awhile, but hadn’t realized it was this long!  Work has continued on my ‘1 Year of Stitches’ project, which has pretty much evolved into t a ‘1 Year of Flowers’ project, as I can’t seem to put the piece down after one stitch.  So, here are images of my work through the end of February.


I have four of these table napkins, and they’ve become my embroidery canvas. The plan? To fill one up every three months. At the end of the year, I’ll have four of these pieces, and then I’ll decide what to do with them. I’ve several ideas for finishing, but it will depend on where these all go as the year progresses and if they actually tie together come the end of 2017.


Each morning I pick the piece up, and I think of it as my warm up for what is often a day of designing and model stitching with my cross stitch designs. I have a plastic shoebox full of miscellaneous threads and I just pluck a few out and start to ‘paint’ with them.







I’ve also been busy with new cross stitch designs, most of which are inspired by quilt designs.  Last year I did a cross stitched interpretation of Jane A. Stickel’s 1863 intricately pieced quilt, and titled it Jane’s Joy,  and have since decided to do additional versions based on seasons.  I just finished Petals. 



And just released at the end of February, my cross stitched interpretation of the traditional applique quilt, Baltimore Album. 

Also completed in the early part of the year, the fourth and final Garden Labyrinth

Now I’ve started a new piece,  Bees Knees,  which is a combination sampler and  labyrinth type piece which I hope to have finished early next week.

So, yup. Been crazy busy here, but a good crazy busy!

1 Year of Stitches, Week #2

Another week whisked by, and the flower garden has grown.  I’m already half way through one hoop. I have a feeling this project will be much bigger than I planned. I do have four of these napkins, so maybe my goal should be to fill one up completely every three months!







The February Daily Art Challenge is right around the corner as well, so I anticipate even more stitching as I plan on making 2017 the year that I really focus on cross stitch and embroidery; learning new technique, exploring stitches and creating new and unique pieces by my hand for the hands of others.

Today I am grateful for inspiration. For good, strong coffee, and the dreams of new designs that are with me still when I wake up so I can scribble them down!

A Year of Stitches

I had already decided before the start of the new year to focus on needle and thread, hoping to explore all things “stitch”; from my usual cross stitch design work to traditional embroidery, needlepoint, and any other form of handwork that I might discover along the way.  So when the A Year of Stitches Project popped up on my Facebook feed, it was, of course, an immediate ‘why yes, I think I should do this!’

The goal is to do a stitch a day and fill up a hoop with whatever you are moved to put down with needle and threads. I tend to work pretty big, so I know I will more than likely find myself with more than one hoop filled by year’s end. I have four linen napkins that I scored at the Thrift Shop some time ago, and they are my cloth for this project.

Here is Week One (plus a couple of days!)











the garden labyrinth, spring

So I finally finished it, the last in the Garden Labyrinth Collection, Spring.  The piece finishes at 140w x 140h, or 10″ x 10″.  Recommended fabric, Citrus Splash Lugana, 28ct. (stitched over two threads) from Silkweaver Fabrics.  The design uses all DMC threads.

The spring labyrinth as well as the other three seasons can be found on my website as well as your local needlework shops.






I have also been continuing on with the crocheting as well. This is a smaller receiving blanket made with cotton crochet cotton, so it is very delicate and fine. It measures at 22″x 22″  I have several other blankets started as well, as I use my scraps of yarn for most of them and have been building on each as suitable colors come available, left over from other projects.



Today I am grateful for a head full of new design ideas. I am for the change in seasons, even if it is colder, and I look forward to the arrival of snow.